Picton, Ontario

Blue Montain, ON

North Bay, Ontario

Muskoka, Ontario


Picton, Ontario

Blue Montain, ON

North Bay, Ontario

Muskoka, Ontario

Niagara, Ontario

STAYEH!CATION is a unique combination of virtual and in-person events and activities. The program is designed to spark the love and appreciation of local travel. It provides local municipalities and business with well-needed attention. At the same time, the program engages people in an organized and fun tourist adventure across Ontario.

A virtual scavenger hunt will entice visitors to explore local attractions by following the clues and collecting augmented reality creatures and objects. Participants will download an app called Virtuality and immerse into a virtual adventure designed to entertain, educate and let everyone explore the abundance of beauty Ontario has to offer.


All of this while having fun interacting with local vendors and tasting yummy culinary treats.
The program creator, ambassadors and supporters have combined best in class expertise to deliver out of the box virtual and in-person events with a ready-to-go marketing package.

If you and your family want to learn more and select destinations to have fun this year, by travelling locally, check out our locations, local events and retail offerings.

If you are ready to support a Canadian initiative and grow a network of strong brands for a healthier and brighter future for all, we want to connect with you.

Featured Locations

Join us on a local adventure by exploring communities and adventurous options within the province of Ontario. Play a virtuality game, where you collect unique real-life virtual objects for a chance to become a STAYEH!CATION Master, explore local deals and attractions.

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Canoe and kayak moored to a cottage dock at dawn - Ontario, Canada


Niagara-on-the-Lake in Ontario, Canada


Picton Galora


Toronto Stayehcation



If you are interested in sponsorship and are a Canadian brand or environmentally engaged business, please get in touch.

We want to work with you to deliver unforgettable memories to Canadian communities and support the Canadian economy together. The STAYEH!CATION program offers various ways for your business to be featured and connect with the right customers for your brand.

Join the esteemed list of proud and forward-looking brands with strong community ties.